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Update from Wiltshire LOC


Wiltshire LOC - AGM

23 September 2020

1900 hrs


Recorded by: Carolyn Hudd

Signed by: Colin Gault, Chair





Colin welcomed the virtual members and thanked everyone for attending the LOC’s first online event.

Drawing on the minutes of the last AGM, Colin reminded the group that the LOCSU levy remained constant last year following a vote to stay the same. Last year’s topic of conversation was based around community ophthalmology and Evolutio.

Moving forward 16 months and eye services finds itself in a completely new situation. With the arrival of COVID-19 many services were postponed and new ones developed. Having worked through safety concerns, we are now in a much more positive position to offer routine eye test and are well practised in the use of PPE and appropriate pre-screening, taking the pressure from hospitals.


Colin thanked Carolyn for her hard work during the lockdown that helped keep lines of communication open between Primary Eyecare Service and the Optical community.

The development of the CUES (Covid Urgent Eye Service), also developed a closer relationship with Wiltshire CCG and this has resulted in a better working relationship moving forward and with the intention of developing more community ophthalmology services.

Colin thanked the regional leads of the committee, Rob Hopwood, Paul Shimmel, Mark Jones and John Leeman for their hard work in creating a hub for their local regions providing CUES support and direction.

He also thanked Amar Shah (LOCSU Representative) and Amy Hughes (PES) for all their guidance and support during the unprecedented period.



Wiltshire CCG

Wiltshire CCG has now merged with Swindon and BANES to become BSW CCG. This will provide a more uniform approach across our region due to the number of hospitals we refer to in this area and given the good relationship that has developed over recent months, this should lead to a coordinated approach to community ophthalmology.

The Evolutio Community Ophthalmology scheme has now come to an end and a focus on Glaucoma and Post-Cat pathways is going to be the main focus in the immediate future. If commissioned, this service could be delivered via Primary Eyecare Services, CCG using the Opera platform.



CUES has played an important part in the fielding of emergency patients during the COVID crisis. Providers have been giving a great service. If any other practices would like to join the scheme then they should contact Amy Hughes (PES) at amy.hughes@primaryeyecare.co.uk or Carolyn at contact@wiltshireloc.org.uk


National Optical Conference

LOCSU will host this year’s NOC conference via a virtual set up. Between November 23 and December 4th 2020, there will be a series of hour and a half web events open to anyone on moulding the future of Ophthalmology.


Future Developments

The LOC will be looking to improve its structure during the coming year with the help of LOCSU. Currently there are 11 members on the LOC and these are a good representation of contractors and performers for balanced discussions and voting.


New Members

This year Neelam Patel, committee member, was due to come to the end of her term of service. However, with no other persons standing for election, Neelam was voted back on to the committee following her nomination by Martin Bull and Colin Gault.

A further position was available to fill the committee, and after nominations by Paul Shimmel and Rob Hopwood, Stuart Pell (CLO) of Haine & Smith Opticians was co-opted on to the committee. Stuart is also the ADBO lead for the South of England.  



Treasurers Report

Martin gave the latest account balances which show healthy figures.

During lockdown, LOCSU hosted a virtual event to support the LOCs that may have been not receiving an income; however, other LOCs had a healthy balance too.

At the beginning of 2019, the account balance opened at £16,204

At the end of 2019, the account closed at £15,029

After a vote, it was decided to keep the LOCSU levy the same this year due to possible shared care services being implemented that may require the support of the LOC via training costs.


Colin stated the LOC is looking to hold a CET online event next year. More to come on this

No further questions were raised.


Save the Date


The Wiltshire LOC AGM 2020 - Has been cancelled due to COVID-19


Wiltshire LOC would like to invite you to the Annual General Meeting when the current crisis has passed.



The evening will take place at The Bear Hotel, Devizes and commence at 1830 hrs

for a cold buffet and a chance to network.


There will be two CET Lectures, the first by Miss Guzaliya Safiullina VitreoRetinal surgeon. She will be talking on Epiretinal membranes, macula holes

and complications of phaco and VR surgery.

The second lecture will be by Jen McMahon on Low Vision Aids and their growing use.

This should be of particular interest to Dispensing Opticians.




LOC Newsletter


Please have a read of issue 2 of the LOC newsletter and feed back to us on any of the issues discussed.



NEWSLETTER 15 Jan 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [485.9 KB]

LOC survey


Following on from our newsletter, you would have read that we have been composing a short survey to collate your opinions and suggestions for our future communications with you.

We would be very grateful if you could complete this short survey by clicking on the following link or copy and pasting into your search engine.



Did you know that any member is welcome to attend any Wiltshire LOC meeting as an observer to discover more about what we are doing on your behalf? We also have a twitter account you can follow.


We look forward to your responses in readiness for our next quarterly meeting in September and thank you in advance for taking the time to help us improve our service to you.

Welcome to our newsletter circular!

You will start to receive these after every committee meeting or AGM and at any other extraordinary time. We hope you find them useful! If you would like to see anything added in the future or would like to make any suggestions then please let us know at contact@wiltshireloc.org.uk 

LOC Newsletter July 2019
NEWSLETTER Jul 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [511.6 KB]

Wiltshire LOC AGM

Wednesday 1 May 2019

The Bear Hotel, Devizes


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Wiltshire LOC will be held on Wednesday 1st May 2019 at The Bear Hotel, Devizes SN10 1HS. Following the meeting, a clinical CET lecture will be given by consultant ophthalmologist Jonathon Norris entitled “Eyelids, what you need to know”.

Getting an NHS Mail Account


If you wish to get an NHS e-mail account, then this may be available through the company you work for and you will need to contact their IT Adminaistrator.  

If you are working independently then you can register yourself.  Check https://portal.nhs.net/Help/joiningnhsmail for details.

Remember you will need to complete the Information Governance Toolkit before you are registered. See http://www.igt.hscic.gov.uk


Wiltshire LOC AGM

Wednesday 23 May 2018

The bear Hotel, Devizes

Recorded By Carolyn Hudd


The evening began at 1830 hrs with a buffet for networking.


1900 hrs

Susan welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologised for the cancellation of No 7 CET peer review. The event was not accredited in time but is looking to be reorganised for later in the year.

Susan directed everyone to the annual report on each table and advised that this will be made available on the website. The report gives information and updates for this years’ progress and notes what each committee member is responsible for.


Treasurers Report

In summary, Wiltshire LOC’s primary income is from the GOS Levy. The LOC get 0.25% and LOCSU get 0.5%. Occasional sponsorship is also received.

Working on a calendar year, the opening balance was £6779.82 and the closing balance was £8849.26.

Income for the LOC was £12829.80 and for LOCSU it was £20593.94

Expenditure largely consisted of expenses for committee members to attend meetings, organising a MECS training evening and paying for meeting venues.

These accounts were verified by ex LOC Chair Keith Pearce and it is with great thanks.

Martin Bull asked for approval to keep the levy at it’s current amount. The congregation agreed unanimously.


A short break followed.

Martin Russ – LOCSU Commissioning Lead

Martin gave a presentation to explain the role LOCSU have in helping with commissioning of services, explaining that our area is run like an Accountable Care Organisation – many agencies working from a fixed budget.

Martin explained there is work to merge Primary Eyecare Company Southern and Primary Eyecare Company Northern so that bidding for services becomes easier. This process will pool experience and resources. Many bidding processes require a company to have access to millions of pounds.


This presentation is available below.



2120 – Meeting close.

Martin Russ - LOCSU - Presentation
AGMs 2018 v1.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1'012.5 KB]

LOCSU  -  GDPR - Data Protection and Privacy Policy



Privacy Statement - LOCSU website sign u[...]
Microsoft Word document [23.0 KB]
Privacy Statement - LOC and PEC contacts[...]
Microsoft Word document [22.4 KB]
LOCSU Data Protection and Privacy Policy[...]
Microsoft Word document [42.1 KB]

The Wiltshire LOC AGM 2018


Wiltshire LOC would like to invite you to the Annual General Meeting

on Wednesday 23 May 2018.


The evening will take place at The Bear Hotel, Devizes and commence at 1830 hrs

for a cold buffet and a chance to network.


At 1900hrs, we will begin with a Peer Review led by No 7

Contact Lens Fitting & Best Practice


A short break will follow


At approximately 2000hrs, the AGM will commence with guest speakers as follows:

Martin Russ – LOCSU Lead to overview LOCSU future plans

Millie Miller – Regional Liaison Manager, National Engagement Team

Primary Care Support England – Improvements to Payments


We really look forward to seeing you there and hope you will be able to join us.

Please RSVP by Friday 11th May 2018 to contact@wiltshireloc.org.uk



Wiltshire LOC Education Event
Good Referrals
Wednesday 7th Feb 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to our next educational event themed around good referrals. The event is an excellent opportunity to network and engage with fellow eyecare professionals and will take place at Devizes Town Hall, St. John’s Street, Devizes, SN10 1BN (in the Cheese Hall) on Wednesday 7th February 2018 starting from 6.30pm until 9:30pm.

6:30pm Welcome buffet and registration
Update on triage services for Wiltshire referrals


7:00pm CET lecture by Guy Smith (Consultant Ophthalmologist, GWH)
An update on Cataract Surgery and IOL refractive surgery


8:00pm Scope Ophthalmics Ltd
Managing Blepharitis in community practice


8:20pm Break (tea and coffee)

8:30pm CET lecture by Jyotin Pandit (Consultant Ophthalmologist, GWH)
Assigning priority and triage of referrals


9:30pm Close

We are hoping the lectures will be approved for both Optometrist and Dispensing Optician CET points and can confirm this closer to the event.

11th September 2017


LOC Meeting


The next Wiltshire LOC committee meeting will be at 7:30pm on Monday 11th September 2017 at the Bear Hotel in Devizes.



The Bear Hotel


The Market Place, Devizes, Wiltshire. 
SN10 1HS

3rd May 2017





Our AGM and education evening is taking place this Wednesday 3rd May 2017 and will include a CET lecture by Bath Consultant Richard Antcliffe. The title of the lecture is Diabetic Retinopathy 2017 and will include an interactive CET point for Optoms and DOs.


The event is being held at The Methuen Arms, Corsham and starts at 1830 hrs for a buffet and networking with Bondeye and Wiltshire Sight. The lecture will begin at 1900hrs followed by the AGM after a short break. We'd love to see you there!



The Methuen Arms

01249 717060

9th February 2017


Wiltshire LOC have organised a MECS Accreditation Evening  scheduled for all Wiltshire optometrists on the 29th March 2017 at Chippenham Specsavers. We would really like to see us all accredited in MECS so that we are ready to be of value to what lies ahead in the arena of Optometry in Wiltshire. 

We have decided as a committee that the fee will be £150 per practitioner payable by yourselves either by credit card over the phone via Susan Downie on 01980 611 433 or 07931 767 636 or by Bacs as follows :

Account Name:  Wiltshire Local Optical Committee

Account Number: 40978566

Sort Code: 20-05-06

Please make sure you add your name as a reference for direct BACS payments.
Please be advised there are limited spaces for this event and we are LIVE on WOPEC website as of now. If you are still in need of codes for your distance learning modules that will need to be completed in advance, please email us by return and we will organise a code for you. 
12th January 2017
Dear members, 
Last night saw a successful first meeting of the year with most of the committee present and working hard on your behalf. 
I would like to give you all some points to note for the present and the near future. 
1: Twitter feed:  
Please follow us on   @wiltshireloc
stay up to date by linking to the website. 
2: MECS accreditation:
An evening is being planned around  second week in March. TBC. Please get your distance learning completed before then and apply on the Wopec web site.  The venue is to be Chippenham Specsavers as this was felt to be most central to all. 
The cost is going to be £150 per applicant and will be posted on the Wopec website asap. 
Please check Wopec site periodically. 
3: AGM:
Date has been set for the 3rd May 2017 venue TBC. An evening of Cet will be provided and a chance to get to know your committee. 
4: Evolutio pilot:
Discussions with Wiltshire Ccg are ongoing. We will keep you informed of any imminent changes. 
5: Swindon Ccg: 
Discussions continue to  progress with regard to  Extended Eye Services  (mecs) and the discussions have been taken to STP level. Again we will keep you all posted. 
6: Next Committee meeting:
8th March 2017. Please feel free to email any discussion points you would like raised. 

Susan Downie
Wiltshire LOC Chair 
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