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Eye Clinic Liaison Officer service

Below is an update from Helen Lucas, the Eye Clinic Liaison Officer based at the RUH:


I am now in post, providing cover for my colleague Heidi who you may have had links with before.  I am based within the Eye Clinic itself and can offer information and support to people affected by sight loss.  There is no requirement for them to be receiving treatment via the Eye Clinic or to have a certain level of sight loss – more that they are experiencing visual changes which are having an impact.  Particularly at the moment, I am quite conscious that the only contact some people are having is with professionals, and community eye health practitioners are in a very important position interacting with the public and identifying those who are perhaps struggling with their situation.


Practitioners may already have established links with their local sight loss society, which is great.  Please also be aware that the ECLO service can assist, especially if the person is not sure what support might exist, or what they might want or need.  People may already be familiar with the ECLO role, but as a reminder, I can offer information, emotional support and practical input either directly or by referring on to other local and national organisations.  Anything from tips and tricks about easier ways of making a cup of tea, using the microwave or writing Christmas cards, to people with questions about employment and sight loss related rights, or those who are experiencing anxiety about their vision and feeling isolated.  The focus is primarily on factors related to sight loss, but of course there is recognition that the person’s life can be affected more widely and therefore can consider other community resources as well, as appropriate.


The main email address for referrals is the same as before – ruh-tr.batheclo@nhs.net  All I require is the person’s name and contact details, confirmation that they have consented to a call from me, and an outline of the reason for referral e.g. eye condition, particular struggles or questions etc.  If the person does not want to be referred, then I can provide the practitioner with some general suggestions for them to then relay back.  Please just note that it is not an emergency service and if a person identifies significant concerns then they should follow usual procedures e.g. safeguarding.  Any referrals for sight loss registration or for Low Vision Assessments should continue to be sent via those pathways; this email address is only for the ECLO referrals.


I hope that helps and please do get in contact if I can assist further.


Thank you,


Helen Lucas

Eye Clinic Liaison Officer

Bath Royal United Hospital

Tel: 07935 013758

ECLO Referrals: ruh-tr.batheclo@nhs.net

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