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Circle Bath

Patients can be referred privately to Circle Bath to see any of the RUH consultants. All consultants carry out cataract surgery. A downloadable form for cataract surgery is available here. The form, along with other ophthalmology referrals should be faxed to 01761 422233 or telephone0808 188 1888.

  • Richard Antcliff - Special Interest -  Medical Retina. Secretary Helen Barnes Tel. 01761 422264
  • Roger Baer - Special Interest   - Glaucoma. Secretary Helen Barnes Tel. 01761 422264
  • Jonathan Boulton - Special Interest - Oculoplastics. Secretary  Nicky Crump  Tel. 01761 422265
  • Jonathan Luck - Special Interest - Corneal & Laser vision correction. Secretary  Nicky Crump  Tel. 01761 422265
  • Sally Webber - Special Interest - Oculoplastics. Secretary Marcella Perkins Tel. 01761 422255
  • Fiona Cuthbertson - Special Interest - Medical Retina

More information on Circle Bath can be found here

CircleBath have setup a shared care scheme for private cataract and refractive surgery referrals.  

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