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Wet AMD fast track referral pathway

Amended on 25/11/08*

In April 2007 a direct referral system was introduced at the RUH, Bath  for patients with recent onset of wet AMD to enable rapid assessment of patient suitability for treatment. This referral route is only  appropriate for patients that meet the following referral guidelines:-

Presenting symptoms in the affected eye - there must be a less than 3 month history of at least one of the following:

  • visual loss
  • spontaneously reported distortion
  • onset missing patch / blurring in central vision

NB Corrected VA must be between 6/96 and 6/12 in the affected eye.

NB Note amended VA from 6/60 previously to 6/96 now due to new NICE guidelines.


Please do not refer dry AMD, patients whose VA has already dropped to below 6/96 or patients whose symptoms are not of recent onset via this route. These patients may be suitable for referral to the LVA clinic, or for visual impairment registration if appropriate.

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