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Swindon Direct Referral Cataract Scheme

Swindon Direct Referral Cataract Scheme


A new Direct Referral Cataract Scheme in Swindon has been implementedfrom 1st September 2009.  

The patient eligibility criteria will be patients registered with a GP practice in contract with Swindon Primary Care Trust.   Therefore, in addition toSwindon optometrists, those outside the Swindon PCT area will be able to register for the scheme if they refer patients who meet this criteria.     A list of Swindon GP practices is available in the Downloads section of this website.


Optometrists wishing to participate in the scheme will be required to attend an Induction session and sign the Service Level Agreement before referring patients through the scheme.     


If you would like to attend an Induction session please contact Liz Hews, Swindon PCT (contact details below).


If a patient attends for an eye examination with an optometrist not participating in the scheme, the patient should be asked to make an appointment with a participating optometrist, who will assess the patient and refer as appropriate.   A list of participating optometrists is available in the Downloads section of this website.       


A complete pack of information, including the Service Level Agreement, referral forms and guidelines, patient leaflets and audit forms will be available for each optometrist attending an Induction session.  


Information and forms can also be found in the Downloads section of this website.


The referral form should be faxed directly to the Referral Management Centre at Swindon PCT on fax number 01793 704583.   Due to the confidential nature of the information, forms cannot currently be emailed, even with an email to fax facility.


If you would like to register for this scheme, or have any queries, please contact:


Optometrist registration queries

Phil Scott, Primary Care Project Manager, Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group, Tel 01793 683700, email: philip.scott@swindonccg.nhs.uk


Referral advice and clinical support

David Anthony, 01793 604847, david.anthony@gwh.nhs.uk

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